Castro (SF) 2x2

Stage                                  under construction

General contractor       Mike Bradford Construction


Castro (SF) 2x2 plans 3.jpg

This two unit building located in the heart of the Castro district is about to start a new life after two couples, four friends, joined forces to build their long term dream home.   Two units are stacked over four floors and connected by means of  interior and exterior stair. The large backyard and lower decks are shared, as is the Covid inspired 250 sq. ft. home gym, which is nestled into tall crawlspace.  The street side of the building retains much of the original character but the treatment of the back

 facade is modern, emphasizing large openings and multiple levels of decks  for indoor / outdoor living.  The two sets of owners share a common aesthetic and easily agreed on the main design elements.  Each unit however is custom tailored to suit individual preferences,  the lower containing both sauna and cold plunge for a a full spa experience, and the upper prioritizing views and a roof garden for morning yoga.   Construction is scheduled to start in the Spring of 2021.