North Panhandle Victorian makeover (SF)

Completed                        2017

General contractor       Hearth Construction

Interior design                 Noelle Moreno

Photography                    Anna Matz

Before the remodel his traditional Victorian flat featured a long railroad hallway connecting a series of smaller rooms lacking in natural light.  The owners’ desire was to open up the space while at the same time preserving the Victorian character. By relocating the kitchen and moving the office into its former location at the back of the building we were able to free up wall space and increase the glazing area.  A custom steel and glass partition wall between the office and sitting area lets through light while ensuring acoustic privacy. The kitchen, dining and living room rooms are open to each other while organized around the original brick chimney and a large venting skylight over the island provides balanced natural light and an opportunity for air circulation.  The connections between the spaces are carefully articulated with dropped beams, original trim including wood corbels, picture rail and cove ceilings.