The eclectic's flat (SF)

Completed                           2016

General contractor         Darkstar Construction

Photography                      Andrea LaQuaglia

When a friend of Antje’s who’d spent most of his adult life teaching and traveling abroad purchased his first home in San Francisco he needed help starting with the basics.  Asked what style appealed to him he didn’t couldn’t tell, having never pondered that question. Furniture, he had none.  What he did bring back from his travels was a colorful assortment of rugs, artwork and small objects from all over the world that after many years spent hidden in luggage were now to move with him into the new space.  To accommodate this eclectic ensemble we designed a space that wasn’t too prescriptive, intentionally mixing elements from various styles. A common thread of repeating materials (natural ash and steel) and shapes (discs and spheres) is woven throughout the rooms, creating a sense of cohesion and timelessness.